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The Liam Stewart Band

The Liam Stewart Band, with its current personnel, was formed in 2019, and for a debut appearance at the renowned Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Festival.  This was shortly followed by the band's first broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland's 'Take The Floor'.  Liam intimated, during an interview on the broadcast, that there would be an album being recorded in 2020...well, as you all know, a global pandemic prevented many things in our lives (including music and entertainment!)  However, when the time was right, we got into the studio, and the result; our much-anticipated, debut album, "As Promised"! (go to our SHOP for more info)


Since recording the album, the band has gone from strength to strength, performing at a variety of events and functions, festivals, broadcasts...throughout the UK and beyond!


Although this band formation was formed in recent years, the group consists of very experienced and sought-after musicians on the traditional dance band and Scottish variety scenes!

LIAM STEWART (Lead Accordion)

Liam, from Galston in Ayrshire, was born into a musical family; surrounded by instrument-playing and singing, and, from a variety of influences, developed a love for all types of his playing style suggests!


Liam is a former All Scotland Accordion Champion (2003, 2013 and 2020 - and is one of only four people to have achieved this in the history of the event!)

In fact, Liam has won every major solo accordion championship on the Scottish circuit...multiple times!


  • NAAFC Senior Championship [x5]

  • Oban Masters ('Champion of Champions') [x3]

  • NAAFC Junior Championship [x3], and Overall Champion Accordionist at that festival no fewer than 3 times!

  • All Scotland Junior Championship [x2]

  • International Accordion Festival, Junior Championship, 2001 - adjudicated by virtuoso accordionist, Prof. Oleg Sharov.

  • Junior Burnsian of the Year, and Young Burnsian of the Year - national competition, run by the Robert Burns World Federation.

  • ...and numerous other titles/awards throughout a 30year career, thus far!


Liam studied to be a music teacher at the acclaimed Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama (now The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland), and graduated, with First Class Honours in July 2006.


His considerable performing skills and technical ability have afforded Liam the opportunity to play at a variety of events, including TV and film appearances, regular radio broadcasts, theatre shows...etc.  [a more detailed list can be viewed on the 'appearances' section below]


Liam's band featured in the Channel 4 series "Deadwater Fell", starring David Tennant, in which Liam called the ceilidh dances and provided the rousing music for the barn dance scene.


Liam has regularly performed at the stunning Dumfries House, in Ayrshire, and entertained His Majesty King Charles III on many of these occasions, which led to a special performance at Buckingham Palace, in 2017!


LEONARD BROWN (Harmony Accordion)

Leonard, from South Shields (England), is one of the most 'in demand' musicians/entertainers.  He is a popular band-leader in his own right, having successfully hosted many dance weekends, concerts and theatre productions over the past twelve years...with plenty more exciting projects in the pipeline!

Leonard is a talented multi-instrumentalist, who is a much sought-after accompanist, arranger and, more recently, a composer of traditional tunes.

Leonard is a former All-Scotland Accordion Champion, and continues to deliver his own unique brand of musical entertainment and comedy to audiences all over Scotland and beyond. 

CRAIG PATON (Piano/Bass - 'Keys')

Craig and Liam have been musical colleagues for many years now; having met through the Accordion and Fiddle Festival circuit, and working together on a number of projects, including; broadcasts, television productions, albums, and a variety of live performances.

Craig is another very talented multi-instrumentalist, and his vast skills are evident in this band and many others, including his own!  Craig continues to deliver such an energetic and innovative approach to our music, whether leading a band (playing accordion), or accompanying (on piano), or even included in the backline as a competent bass guitarist!

Craig is also a former All-Scotland Accordion Champion (2010 + 2015) and is a valued contributor to The Liam Stewart Band! 

GORDON SMITH (Drums/Percussion)

Not much can be said about 'Smithy', that hasn't already been said, in a sparkling drumming career spanning nearly five decades; working with the very best in the Scottish Dance Band scene!  He is a master technician and phenomenal band player! Smithy's contributions to our music, then and now, have been enjoyed and acclaimed in equal measure!

Gordon has been involved in hundreds of albums and broadcasts (both live and studio-recorded), and has been associated with Liam for many years; travelling many miles together, working in a variety of contexts (with this band and other well-known ensembles).

Smithy's solid grounding in the pipe band drumming techniques, as well as his unparalleled study and participation in the Scottish Dance Band/Ceilidh scene, have meant that he is one of the most sought-after 'backline boys' - he has been a massive contributor to the unique sound of this band!

Appearances / Previous work outline of the work we've done over many years.

Mr Bloom's Nursery (TV) - providing music for Country Dancers - filmed at Dean Castle, Kilmarnock.
'Happylands' (Film) - an excellent project, depicting the miners' strikes of the 1920s.  Providing musical entertainment, along with popular variety performer Alan Stewart (as Harry Lauder).  Scenes filmed in the Alhambra Theatre, Dumfermline.
Take The Floor (Radio) - long-running radio show, presented by Gary Innes, showcasing the very best in Scottish Dance Music.  The Liam Stewart Band have featured four times recently, though each of the band members have collectively been involved in hundreds of live, studio and feature broadcasts.
The Shetland Accordion & Fiddle Festival (Festival) - The world-acclaimed festival is a melting pot of top-class musicians from all over Scotland and and abroad, who make an annual pilgrimage to Lerwick and surrounding areas of the Shetland Isles, for a long weekend of music, dancing and socialising. 
Deadwater Fell (Film) - This  was a much-anticipated four part TV series, starring Scottish actor David Tennentwhich featured The Liam Stewart Band in the 'barn dance' scene [Episode 1].  The band were well-received and an excellent atmposhere was built throughout the day for filming.
Happy 30th Birthday, ClassicFM! (Radio) - this live event was recorded in St. Margaret's Church, Braemar.  HM King Charles III (when HRH Duke of Rothesay) was in attendance.  Fantastic performances were given by Liam, along with the fabulous Ayoub Sisters, and the magical sound of the RSNO!
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